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Dr. Owen Watson

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“Turning the page is the difference-maker between present circumstances and tomorrow’s destiny.” - Dr. Watson

With zeal and sharpness, Owen inspires others to find purpose and fully live life as intended by God.

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About the Founder

Dr. Owen Watson

Having faithfully and honorably served 29 years in the U.S. Navy and being a veteran of both the Gulf War and the Global War on Terrorism, Owen is now a retired Navy Sailor and a Christian faith-based author from Newport News, Virginia. Sharing the gospel through storytelling and revelatory instructional guides for inspiring others is his passion. Owen ministers alongside his wife, Ramona, by writing Christian faith-based books.

As he readily communicates the revelatory doctrine of Scripture to readers, Owen’s love of studying the Bible is apparent as God’s word is entwined throughout his writings. With zeal and sharpness, Owen inspires others to find purpose and fully live life as intended by God. Believing that everyone should have a place to rest their heads, and maintaining hope for curing cancer, Owen has been a steadfast proponent for eradicating homelessness and supporting cancer research. From every book sold, he continues to donate 50% of proceeds in support of various humanitarian efforts. He regards his reason for having a heart of compassion and philanthropy as originating from years of volunteer service with high-risk youth, the homeless, and having friends and family members who have or are suffering as victims of cancer. Owen considers Deuteronomy 15:1-11 as his inspiration, which speaks of taking care the poor – those who are lacking a need of hope, shelter, and healing.

Dr. Watson’s philosophy for living an abundant life is to always be willing to turn the page of your current situation as a step toward getting where you wish to be, or, better yet, where God would have you to be.

In his downtime, he enjoys family vacations and watching professional wrestling.

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