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Dr. Owen Watson

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Tell Your Story

Here at "Turn the Page in Your Life" publishing, we believe everyone has a story to tell that can positively impact the lives of others.  One way of communicating that story is to have it written within a book and published on a major platform.  We'd like to extend our services by inviting you to share your story with the world.  If interested and you would like more information, please review the following and send us a message by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab.

Publishing Services Offered

Black & White Publishing for fiction tales, nonfiction books, memoirs, or almost anything you can envision.

$2.00 per written page for 6” x 9” based on final construct of book - includes:

- Editing (spelling and grammatical correctness)

- Formatting all pages for 6” x 9” paperback book

- For an additional $50 flat fee, formatting for Kindle version

$75 for assistance in designing a bookcover that best illustrates your message

$75 per ISBN issued for either paperback format and/or e-book version

$150 for publishing and advertising

$200 non-refundable good faith fee (due upon signing contract agreement)

Sample of total costs for a 200-page paperback book: $900

($200/good faith fee + $400 (200 pages x $2.00)/editing and formatting + 

$75/designing bookcover + $75/ISBN issuance + $150/publishing & advertising)

• You retain all the rights to your book

• You completely control the book design

• You earn royalties on every sale

As you can see, this allows you to affordably amplify the voice of stories, like yours, that can touch hearts and change lives.